Thursday, 30 June 2016

Valley Of The Sun - Volume Rock (2016)

Volume Rock. Of all the words in the English language that could be drawn upon to illustrate the sheer sound and substance of Cincinnati’s Valley Of The Sun, you’d be hard pressed to find two better. Picking up directly where they left off on last year’s Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk, the Queen City rockers are back in 2016 with a brand new album on Sweden’s formidable Fuzzorama Records.
Set for release on 29th April, Volume Rock is the culmination of the band’s determination and ability to not only write and record great rock songs, but also their drive and ambition to become one of the

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Brutus - Wandering Blind (2016)

Oslo’s Brutus are one of those rare breed, a solid and non-corrupted pure blues/hard-rock powerhouse, started by three Swedes and two Norwegians ten years ago and openly in awe of Leaf Hound, Grand Funk Railroad, and Blue Cheer, right on the fence separating the ’60s from the ’70s when musicians were already letting their hair hang but had yet to compromise their vision to please the money-hungry business man.
Recorded live in four days only at Engfelt & Forsgren Studios in Oslo by Christian Engfelt, who already worked with Cato Salsa Experience and Big Bang, Brutus’ third album, Wandering Blind, is as honest and down-to-earth as it gets: no modern tricks, no pose,

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Wo Fat - Midnight Cometh (2016)

"Wo Fat have always held a special place in my heart with their obese riffs, destructive rhythms and slow plodding sense of sonic annihilation. They are one of those bands who have always managed to come off as 'heavier than thou' and the chunkier it gets the easier it is to fall in love. While yes, Midnight Cometh does have improvisational passages that get a bit masturbatory in many ways that only adds to the stoned rock and roll charm that Wo Fat so proudly use in order to cultivate a distinct sound and aesthetic.
The inherent jam magic of Midnight Cometh is powerful because it invokes a sort of live magic that you don't often get on wax. While