Thursday, 30 August 2012

Up In Smoke Vol.4

The concept, called UP IN SMOKE Roadfestival, is a tribute to the clouds of blue smoke which wave around the dances and trances of music lovers in the world!
Each time, for each volume, we will offer you a well suiting band package and get them to hit the European roads to meet their fans and rock the crowds with psychedelic, doom, heavy rock and experimental riffs. Get ready to rock with already known artists, as well as to open up your ears to the sound of tomorrow with some new-comers in the scene!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Borracho - Circulus Concentricos 7" 2011

Washington DC’s Borracho delivers a groove-laden and epic heavy rock sound that combines soaring musicality with subterranean propulsion. Their debut Splitting Sky has already been hailed “an instant classic”, “a MUST LISTEN album” by The Soda Shop, and “a 9/10” by Doommantia.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Lake On Fire Festival 2012

Charity open air stoner rock festival at Waldhausen (Austria) 8 September 2012 with Sahara Surfers, The Grand Astoria, Parasol Caravan, Far Away Town and Zyonara. For more informations and online tickets click below.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Born To Hula - Tales Of Love 2012

Born to Hula present their 2nd official release, "Tales of Love". Not as hard as "Sunrise Radio", yet the same struggle of mind and feeling remains on this kamasutra-fuzz record. Another step in the entwining of instrumentation and messaging. Serious? Maybe. Never sure, but always aware! Eight songs for your aural pleasure. Some instrumental and relaxed. Others angry and bittersweet. All, simple and to the point. To be yourself is what they need. Viscerally, the notes try to reach you, to echo your emotion. Not trying to say something new, but confirm what is already there. Not trying to make something new, but make you feel, again. Things happen that are worth turning into music, and some of them are here. That is all! A kind of fun you need to have around. A tantra you'll never forget! 
This album will be available on a limited vinyl edition (300 pcs.) in October 2012!

Make - Trephine LP 2012

Devouter Records is proud to release its very first album. MAKE's crushing debut album ‘Trephine’ is available on Heavy Weight White/Grey Speckled 12” Vinyl.

Stream full album here:

Buy album here: 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blood Red Water - Tales Of Addiction And Despair EP 2011

Blood Red Water from Venice (Italy) formed in the summer of 2010 with Michele (vocals, ex grindcore bands: NAB and Grunter Screams) Fiorica (drums). Michele & Fiorica were longtime friends, drinking partners and united by the passion for sludge music so they decided to create something wicked.
Immediately Francesco “Volt” (of mr.

 Boonekamp, one deka dc,rein ) joined them as guitarist and feedback noise junkie, so Mick, Fiorica and Volt started to create their music as Blood Red Water Tarantula (Lorenzo Petri) as bass player joined them after few months.
For Blood Red Water it became clear that the band would not be the umpteenth cover band in the zone but their interest/purpose is writing the music they like and feel. 
All members love bands like EyeHateGod, Eletric Wizard, St. Vitus (list of musical influences is long, very long) but - jam after jam - they realized to not belong to any particular genre. Some tunes are pretty doomy, other tunes could be more into stoner stuff.
At the end of 2011, they entered at the Flameout studio and they did their first 5 songs EP “Tales of Addiction and Despair”. For more info click below...

Monday, 30 July 2012

Saint Vitus extends tour, adds dates with Weedeater & Sourvein

That one-off with Down at Besty Buy Theater always looked so lonely, so Saint Vitus have scheduled a tour around that appearance that includes another stop in NYC! The Brooklyn-Vegan sponsored trek kicks off in middle September for a gang of dates with Weedeater and Sourvein which last through the tail end of October. The stops include a show at Saint Vitus on September 25 and tickets go on sale at 8/3. For more info click below.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Stoner Hands Of Doom 2012

Stoner Hands of Doom is one of the premier annual gatherings for underground heavy/stoner/doom music in North America. SHoD has been held annually since 1999 in various small venues throughout the USA. Many acts are unsigned/unreleased and many travel thousands of miles to gather in the name of rock.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Stoned From The Underground 2012

The first STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND took place in 2001…the festival offers a platform for diverse kinds of bands within the underground and beyond. The STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND is a pure scene festival...a festival made by fans for fans.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Misty Mountain 2012

Ladies and gentlemen! We look forward to you the line up for 2012 to be allowed to present Misty Mountain Sungrazer (NL) Dean Allen Foyd (SWE)Beehoover Arabrot (NOR) La Ira de Dios (Peru) Vladimir Bozar 'n' ze Sheraf Orkestär (FRA) Electric Moon Elvis Deluxe (POL) Contra Volta WightTemple Mount Shasta Black Isle Learn more about the bands and the festival here soon

Blue Moon Festival 2012

Let's go into the third round! Rockzilla presented again by the 05th to 06 October , the Blue Moon Festival in Cottbus. The festival takes place at a known location in the club Chekov instead. We hope that we can set for you this year with some specialties have some fun. As always, lovers of long and brilliant guitar riffs JAMPARTS supplied will really get their money's worth. The first acts are already fixed. So let us together with a terrific line-up and enjoy a beer a good time with friends.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sleep + A Storm Of Light 22,24 May @ Glasgow & Leeds

The incredible SLEEP will return to the UK this May - as well as the previously announced appearance at the London I'll Be Your Mirror festival alongside Slayer and Melvins amongst others, the band have now confirmed two UK headline shows supported by A Storm Of Light. The shows in Glasgow and Leeds are on sale now. See below for full details

Monday, 2 April 2012

Aquamaria Festival 2012

Stoner rock Festival at Plattenburg, Germany 17-18 August 2012 with bands like Sungrazer, Rotor, Stonehenge, Grandloom, My Sleeping Karma, Asteroid, 1000mods, Abramis Brama and many more. For more information and online tickets click the link below

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Freak Valley Festival 2012

Festival host is the Freak Valley Festival club which is a union of music lovers from the greater Siegen area (GER). When people complained that there is nothing going on in Siegen, we decided that it is about to change that. After our successful concerts ( we wanted to fly at higher game - that's the reason for Freak Valley Festival. The Festival will take place on18./19. May 2012 at the AWO compound in Netphen-Deuz statt.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Acid Fest II 2012

Acid Fest is the heavy psych festival in Rome, aiming to become a reference point in the eternal city for genres like hard rock, psychedelic rock, space rock, 70s rock’n'roll and stoner/desert rock from the 90s.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

DesertFest 2012 London is pleased to announce the first DesertFest coming to camden town London April 6th,7th,8th April 2012. With 3 stages, The underworld, Purple Turtle + The Black heart, 50+ bands playing across 3 days. Keep up to date via the facebook page and official website.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Madrid Stoner Festival 2012

The Spanish stoner-rock scene will be shown by seven of the best bands like Fungus,Pura MuertePaña RadiostationCraneónYnterceptorCrimson Stone and My Girlfriend Says Muu...
Special guest: the Swedish band Deville!
Please go to the festival web-site to read the bands profiles...
Madrid, 17th of March 2012 - Sala Copérnico

Friday, 24 February 2012