Monday, 25 June 2012

Stoned From The Underground 2012

The first STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND took place in 2001…the festival offers a platform for diverse kinds of bands within the underground and beyond. The STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND is a pure scene festival...a festival made by fans for fans.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Misty Mountain 2012

Ladies and gentlemen! We look forward to you the line up for 2012 to be allowed to present Misty Mountain Sungrazer (NL) Dean Allen Foyd (SWE)Beehoover Arabrot (NOR) La Ira de Dios (Peru) Vladimir Bozar 'n' ze Sheraf Orkestär (FRA) Electric Moon Elvis Deluxe (POL) Contra Volta WightTemple Mount Shasta Black Isle Learn more about the bands and the festival here soon

Blue Moon Festival 2012

Let's go into the third round! Rockzilla presented again by the 05th to 06 October , the Blue Moon Festival in Cottbus. The festival takes place at a known location in the club Chekov instead. We hope that we can set for you this year with some specialties have some fun. As always, lovers of long and brilliant guitar riffs JAMPARTS supplied will really get their money's worth. The first acts are already fixed. So let us together with a terrific line-up and enjoy a beer a good time with friends.