Saturday, 24 December 2016

Desertsession Radio - Top 20 Albums 2016

Dear Friends, another one year comes to its end. A year full of great music, fantastic albums and many tunes to remind us the most beautiful moments of 2016. So, as usual it's time to collect all these pieces and create our Top 20  Albums which attracted our interest most. Hope you enjoy and give them a spin!! A big Thanks for your support!! Merry Christmas to all!! Happy New "Desert" Year!!! 

      -TOP 20 ALBUMS 2016-

(1)   Blood Ceremony - Lord Of Misrule

(2)  Asteroid - III

(3)  Brimstone Coven - Black Magic

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Child - Blueside (2016)

CHILD is a trio of jam-obsessed first-class musicians, who met in 2012 in the rock underground of Melbourne. Between the three working class Australians Mathias (guitar/vocals), Michael (drums) and Jayden (bass), who can best be described as a blues fanatic with liquid steel as blood, grew as strong a musical band as a group of Musicians can only cultivate and nurture themselves by the unabated urge for intense jamming. It quickly became clear that songs here would not be created simply as architectural objects on the drawing board, but as a result of a deep dialogue between three conspiratorial individuals who have given their instruments speech. From this dialogue, the self-titled debut resulted in the winter of

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Langfinger - Crossyears (2016)

"A kick-ass power trio is quite probably the perfect rock formation. If there aren’t that many trios around, that’s because it’s a hard thing to pull off: with just three people having to nail the rhythmic fusion of bass and drums, the wild colours of guitar and the soul-grabbing focus of the human voice, there can be no passengers aboard. Extraordinary chemistry is essential. Everyone has to be right on it, and locked in. Which is why lots of trios fail, or cop out and recruit extras. Långfinger, from the fertile rock ‘n’ roll city of Gothenburg, are masters of the art. They’ve been playing together since they were in their early teens, and their imminent third album, called ‘Crossyears’, is both the thrilling culmination of their

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Captain Crimson - Remind (2016)

"The Swedish hotbed of Örebro has already produced the likes of Truckfighters, Graveyard, Witchcraft and Blues Pills. Prepare to add Captain Crimson to this exceptional tradition. Formed in 2010 by vocalist Stefan Lillhager, formerly of Blowback, Captain Crimson draws inspiration from the classic sounds of The Groundhogs, Blue Cheer, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull and Cactus, meeting heavy boogie head-on with a modern swagger that has carried over to their latest and third album, Remind – their first for Small Stone Records. Remind follows their 2012 debut, Dancing Madly Backwards, which led them onto their first tour that Fall. Emerging with the lineup of Lillhager singing, bassist/backing

Friday, 2 December 2016

Datura4 - Hairy Mountain (2016)

"How far is it from the west coast of Australia to the west coast of the USA ? Turns out that, musically, it’s about a five minute trip in a space-buggy powered by stardust and riff-diesel. Fremantle’s boogie-psych rockers, Datura4, have followed up last year’s excellent debut album, Demon Blues, with a very worthy offering in “Hairy Mountain”.
In a changing world of bad news – Rick Parfitt’s retirement and a Phil Collins comeback tour (the world needed neither), it’s good to know we can rely on Datura4 not to fix something which ain’t broke.
To be honest, I was holding my breath for this second release as “Demon Blues” was so damn fine but “the 4” call poppycock and piffle on that “difficult second album syndrome”. For