Friday, 20 May 2016

Electric Citizen - Higher Time (2016)

I was first really introduced to Electric Citizen back in November when I saw them opening for Pentagram on two consecutive nights at Saint Vitus Bar. I remember being immediately struck by the power of this band, from Laura Dolan's stunning vocals to the driving power of her husband Ross's riffs. Electric Citizen fully  understand the power of rock and roll and have been able to craft a sound that perfectly reflects their own individual talents. Tapping into occult, almost Coven-esque vibes, as well as invoking the burning rock and roll energy of a band like Blue Cheer, the good folks in Electric Citizen have put out a top notch psych rock record with Higher Time. One of my most hotly anticipated albums of the
year, it represents a significant step forward for one of heavy rock's best bands. Diving right in with the twisted madness of "Evil" and then going from one riff-filled masterpiece to the next, Electric Citizen go well beyond anything that they accomplished with 2014's Sateen. The band is coming into their own, and they know it; after all, Higher Time is full of that pure raucous energy and swagger that has always made this kind of music the best in the world.

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