Sunday, 5 March 2017

Buried Feather - Mind Of The Swarm (2017)

Buried Feather release their second full-length, Mind of the Swarm. Recorded by Paul Maybury (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard) and mixed by Nick Franklin (The Grates, Deep Sea Arcade), the new record is a more dynamic realisation of the band’s hypnotic sound. First single “Dust” finds them solidly in kosmische territory, with a head-rush of phased guitars swirling around a locked groove. The record throws up some interesting surprises, with druggy rave-ups and dark, synth-driven slow jams sitting alongside the fuzzy rock tunes.

"The album explodes into earshot swirling deftly on a wave of growling guitars, powerful percussion and those hypnotically charged organ lines
that collectively circumnavigate around the woozy vocalisations. ‘I Would Miss You’ trembles on repetitious bass frequencies as it effortlessly meanders through sonic peaks and troughs, all the while surging on entrancing psychedelic vibrations and waves of fuzzy reverberation. Up next, the albums lead single buzzes into earshot on a revolving wave of colourful droning frequencies. ‘Dust’ spirals repetitively, held fast in a sonic whirlwind filled with throbbing bass lines, whirring organ swells and screaming wah wah filled lead lines as it’s metronomic drum pattern conjures up hallucinogenic incantations with great aplomb. Probably my favourite track on this entire release, ‘Dust’ is a thing of sonic beauty." -PRIMAL MUSIC BLOG-

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