Saturday, 5 December 2015

Electric Wizard - Headline Desertfest 2016

One of the leading forces of the resurgent British doom scene in the nineties and noughties, alongside the likes of Cathedral and Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard have carved a legacy of thunderous, fuzzed-out ferocity. Formed in 1993, out of the ashes of Jus Oborn’s earlier doom projects, The Wizard hit the UK metal scene running. Their debut full length was a great enough introduction to what would become a legendary band, but their second and third albums, ‘Come, My Fanatics…’ and ‘Dopethrone’ respectively, are viewed as classics at least and genre-defining at best. Both albums were a punch to the gut of the doom and stoner rock genres; louder than an eardrum can take with more distortion than a kaleidoscope in a hall of mirrors. Electric Wizard have crunched onwards ever since, with five more devastating, misery inducing albums full of morbidity. One of the stalwarts who have ensured the burgeoning state of stoner rock throughout England and beyond, there couldn’t be a more appropriate band to head up this year’s Desertfest than Electric Wizard.

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