Friday, 12 February 2016

Egypt - European Tour 2016

Eclipse Productions: In cooperation with Total Volume Agency we are thrilled to announce Egypt are coming back to Europe. Hailing from Fargo, North Dakota via the dusty plains of ancient Cairo, Eclipse Productions is pleased to introduce you to Egypt.

Fusing all the best parts of this scene we love, Egypt are a band with a lot of strings to their bow. Their acclaimed self-titled debut in particular shows this off but Egypt continue to add to that sound, cranking the noise up to a sludgier ceiling to add even more variety for their first full length ‘Become the Sun’.

As there are already some event posters going around the globe (a full tour poster is in the making), here´s the full tour announcement with all pleasure:

29-4 Desertfest London (UK)
30-4 Desertfest Berlin (DE)
01-5 Mohawk Mannheim (DE)

                                                        02-5 Klub 007 Prague (PL)
                                                        03-5 Rockhouse Salzburg (AT)
                                                        04-5 Vintage Industrial Bar Zagreb (CR)
                                                        06-5 An Club Athens (GR)
                                                        07-5 Kyttapo Thessaloniki (GR)
                                                        08-5 Mixtape5 Sofia (BU)
                                                       10-5 Arena Vienna (AT)
                                                       11-5 Backstage Munich (DE)
                                                       12-5 Coq D´Or Olten (CH)
                                                       13-5 Raymondbar Clermont-Ferrand (FR)
                                                                  14-5 Le Glazart Paris (FR)

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