Saturday, 27 February 2016

Dead Feathers - Dead Feathers EP (2016)

“Ascend yourself into the blanketing incense smoke and celestial grooves that is Dead Feathers. Like the Night sky, this band is nothing below a breath of fresh air. With melodic female vocals and the fuzz driven riffs you might as well be seeing the fortune teller herself when you see this band live. This band takes hold of you and does not let you go!”
Originally self-released by the band in 2014, the debut EP by Chicago 5-piece Dead Feathers has been picked up by UK label HeviSike Records for a worldwide release in late 2015 including a limited edition coloured vinyl 10″.
Combining elements of retro blues rock with soulful, melodic
vocals and cosmic ethereal guitar, the DEAD FEATHERS debut EP has already caused a sensation in the underground.
Often compared to their contemporaries in the burgeoning US psychedelic rock scene, (including All Them Witches, Joy, Dead Meadow and Radio Moscow), DEAD FEATHERS take influence from a broad spectrum of music; from the classics such as Fleetwood Mac, Blue Cheer and The Velvet Underground to the trailblazers of the modern era; Night Beats, The Cult of Dom Keller and White Hills.

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